Finnish Association of Research Managers and Advisors

We promote co-operation, exchange of information and enhance the professional development of our members.

Finn-ARMA Network

brings together research administration and management experts from higher education institutions and research institutes in Finland. Network’s core mission is to promote co-operation, exchange information and enhance the professional development of its members. Currently the network has ca. 400 members working in 15 thematic groups where the most of the actual activities take place.

At the heart of the network’s activities is the idea of bottom-up action, which is born from the experts’ own need. The activities of the working groups are shaped according to the needs of the group members. The network has a executive committee tasked to enable continuity of activities and take care of the general matters. Finn-ARMA network co-operates with other national parties providing its expertise for joint projects and contributing to the general development of its field.